Securely 🔒

Securely allows you to call native APIs using their original behaviour even if they were tampered within the web app

📖 Technical explanation
⚙️ Installation and usage
👩🏽‍💻 Source Code

Demo 🧐

~ Can you bypass Securely?

  • This website uses Securely to show an alert message
  • It will do so once the button is clicked (⌘ + ↵ / ^ + ↵ will work too)
  • Use the textarea to run JS code before the website's alert message
  • Try to do anything in your power to prevent the alert message from showing
  • If you succeed - Congratz! You bypassed Securely (please, open an issue, we'd love to improve its security)

  • Funded by Consensys 💙
    Maintained and developed by MetaMask 🦊
    Invented and developed by Gal Weizman 👋🏻